Civil Litigation

We litigate aggressively but wisely to protect our clients’ assets.

CourtroomPersonal, Business and Commercial Litigation

Reed & Heller works with clients to implement dispute and litigation strategies in the client’s best interest. Reed & Heller vigorously advocates for its clients and litigates aggressively when necessary, but we first seek to understand our clients’ needs so that we can advise on the best course of action. In certain disputes, particularly for business clients, we realize that “winning” the dispute does not always yield the client’s best long-term results. Reed & Heller will always put its clients’ big-picture interests first.

We represent individuals and businesses in, among other items, commercial disputes and litigation, corporation, LLC and partnership disputes, trust and estate disputes, debtor-creditor disputes, real estate disputes, finance and bankruptcy litigation, insurance coverage disputes and professional liability litigation.

Reed & Heller also works with personal injury attorneys to help ensure our clients are able to pursue justice and receive the compensation they deserve.

Municipal Litigation

Reed & Heller proactively protects the interests of municipal clients from facing potential legal action. We seek to resolve disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner, but we vigorously litigate on our clients’ behalf when a settlement is not attainable.

We actively counsel local governments on a variety of issues, including breach of contract actions, fraud claims, construction development and competitive bidding disputes, zoning and land use disputes, real estate disputes, civil code enforcement, nuisance, problem and hazardous property abatement, eminent domain and condemnation proceedings, and employment and labor disputes.

Appellate Law

Following a trial court ruling, whether we serve as trial counsel or are engaged post-trial, Reed & Heller will help determine the best post-trial course of action. Reed & Heller can help evaluate the likelihood of success in an appeal of an adverse ruling. When faced with the prospect of defending a favorable trial court ruling, Reed & Heller provides guidance to clients on the advisability of settlement options versus the cost and risk of defending the ruling on appeal. For clients that elect to defend a favorable ruling or appeal an adverse ruling, Reed & Heller will thoroughly research the relevant issues, prepare a concise and forceful appeal brief and deliver persuasive oral arguments.